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With the rapidly evolving landscape of logistics, making the decision on which transportation management system (TMS) to implement is probably one of the most complex and high-stakes tech investment decisions a business can make, and for transportation managers, finding one that perfectly aligns with their supply chain’s unique needs and requirements can be overwhelming. 

That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive checklist of 20 questions to help transportation managers evaluate potential TMS solutions. Our checklist is designed to guide them through the process of assessing different TMS options and determining how well they align with their specific needs. From understanding the scalability and customization options of a TMS, to considering its ease of use and customer support, our checklist covers key areas to help transportation managers make informed decisions to ensure a smoother transition and more successful outcomes over the long term.

Some of the topics included in the list include questions aimed at:

  • Determining team preparedness and the impact for direct users
  • Gauging expectations around ROI results and roadblocks
  • Setting down current and potential future requirements for the solution
  • Establishing the level of involvement required by outside departments like IT
  • Taking a focused look at the solution’s ease-of-use and staff training needs

To confidently select a TMS that fits your needs like a glove, download the checklist now.

20 Key questions that can make or break your success with a new TMS

Find the perfect TMS match by asking yourself these questions

Download the checklist