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Ditch old-school procurement. Upgrade to RFP Automation.
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Keeping a supply chain on track is no easy task. Hunting down the best rates, spotting and addressing delays, tracking each shipment’s progress and keeping everyone involved up to date can get tedious and all take up a huge amount of time — especially when operations are spread across different platforms, spreadsheets, emails and paperwork. 

Shipwell helps to bring everything you need to manage your supply chain together in a single platform, and enables you to solve the challenges your supply chain is facing today. Allowing you to book, track and manage your shipments quickly and easily while uncovering the best options, our technology provides a huge advantage in helping you to meet your targets and keep operations running smoothly. While all that is true, we know that adopting new technology can be a difficult process, and even if you see the value, you still need to convince your boss. So how can you show them that Shipwell will help you do your job better and deliver impressive results?

With this customizable message that outlines exactly how Shipwell can benefit both you and your boss, we’ve helped lay the groundwork for you.

Simply fill out the form on the right to access a pre-written message that you can instantly copy or download and send to your boss outlining some of the biggest value points of Shipwell’s 3-in-1 platform, such as:

  • 40% reduction in shipping costs by increasing load consolidation and routing efficiency
  • 88% reduction of time spent on booking shipments 
  • Near-perfect 98% on-time pickup and delivery rates
  • Cutting the number of claims and chargebacks in half
  • Minimizing downtime and ensuring rapid adoption with a dedicated customer-support team that understands your challenges
  • Delivering an average customer ROI of over 7x per year

Access the email template now to get your boss on board


Average return on investment

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On time pickup and delivery

“Convince your boss” message template

Pass on all the details they need to help make your job easier.

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