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Bridging the Gap Between Rising Expectations and Your Supply Chain

Exceptional customer experience requires an exceptional supply chain.

Customers today know exactly what a good shipping experience means. With the rise of new delivery models and e-commerce, the days when delays and uncertain delivery windows were viewed as unavoidable are far behind us. Expectations for a smooth, frictionless shipping experience are higher than ever, with customers demanding immediate, accurate and flexible product delivery at any quantity.

So how can you deliver this new level of customer experience, while also managing costs and limiting business disruption? By making your entire supply chain customer-centric.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to eliminate capacity bottlenecks for rapid shipment, while keeping costs down
  • Methods for meeting eco-conscious customer expectations through supply chain sustainability measures
  • How to enable proactive exception management to address issues before they impact the customer experience
  • The importance of having a centralized view to your complete supply chain
  • How to bring the rest of the company on board in adopting a customer-centric mindset

Meet the speakers:

Greg Price

Greg Price

CEO & Co-founder

John Gaynor

John Gaynor

Premier Packaging

Establishing a customer-centric supply chain

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