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Shipping for food and beverage companies: A recipe for success

It’s no secret the Food and Beverage industry is facing some pretty big challenges these days. Low profit margins in the industry are being pushed even lower by inflation. Increased delays and tight capacity bring more spoilage and higher chargeback rates. And sudden swings in market volatility leave food and beverage businesses especially vulnerable.

There’s plenty of technology out there that can help to keep shipments moving, but for food and beverage companies, that’s often not enough.

In this guide we outline the vital ingredients needed to reduce spoilage, uncover greater savings and increase flexibility to deliver results like:

  • 75% ROI increase due to spoilage reduction
  • 50% reduction in chargeback claims
  • 40% reduction in shipping costs and miles driven
  • 96% visibility coverage of your supply chain
  • 98% on-time pickup and delivery rate

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