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Tackle peak season LTL shipping chaos

Peak shipping season has always been tough for supply chains, but businesses looking for less-than-truckload capacity seem to be having an especially hard time catching their breath these days. The country has never experienced this level of demand in the small package network, and it is clear that many weren’t (and still aren’t) ready for it — but you can be. 

Shipwell was designed to provide businesses with a peak season advantage through a combination of technology and capacity access to provide savings of up to 40% on their shipping costs and a 98% on-time delivery and pickup rate.

In this guide, we’ll explore:

  • How to unlock greater diversity and reliability with Shipwell’s expanded premium shipping capacity network
  • How to uncover the most efficient consolidation and routing options through Automated Load Optimization 
  • The technology behind our advanced end-to-end visibility and instantly actionable solutions to potential disruptions 
  • How centralized messaging and communication works to keep shipments moving and customers informed
  • How to pass savings on to customers with a digitally transformed and data enhanced supply chain

Download our guide to overcoming peak season supply chain chaos

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Download our guide to overcoming peak season supply chain chaos.