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Ditch old-school procurement. Upgrade to RFP Automation.
Your guide to eliminating the mini-bid grind.
See it in action

Ditch old-school procurement.
Upgrade to RFP Automation.

Scale and grow your business with RFP Automation – the cutting-edge tool built right into Shipwell’s dynamic TMS platform. In the new era of frequent mini-bidding for freight procurement, automating the process saves time and money while ensuring the best value for the budget.

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RFP Automation in action

See exactly how Shipwell’s innovative RFP Automation works to help scale your process, save time and money, and provide solutions to the challenges of frequent market fluctuations.


Transform your procurement process from scrambled to scalable

Scale processes

Unlock access to increased freight options and capacity while eliminating the need for endless emails, spreadsheets and phone tag

Save money

Get instant and clear visibility into market conditions to ensure you never overpay, gaining an advantage through automated negotiations while easily avoiding lanes above market price

Choose best value

Secure the best balance between price and reliability with access to long-term bid acceptance rates and carrier performance insights from aggregated lane-level data

Your complete guide to eliminating the mini-bid grind

Discover how automation can improve the value, efficiency and performance of your mini-bid process and what you need to make it possible. Take an in-depth look at the issues and solutions surrounding RFP automation and complete the checklist to examine how your current processes stack up to position your company for unlimited growth.

Essential overview of the issues addressed by RFP Automation

Including recent survey results from across the shipping industry, this data sheet portrays the logical framework supporting the urgent need to alleviate freight procurement bottlenecks along with clear transformative solutions. Get perspective on how RFP Automation can solve the major challenges of freight procurement.

Get shipments moving

Eliminate the back-and-forth of manual processes

In a fraction of the time it takes to send one manual RPF, you can complete dozens of requests, receive bids and execute contracts – all within a centralized TMS platform

Uncover greater efficiency

Make overpaying on bids a thing of the past

Avoid overpaying through visibility into detailed analysis of all carriers’ bids and how they stack up to current market prices

Plan ahead with analytics

Ensure consistent performance for every shipment

Move forward with the bids that offer the best balance between price and lane-level performance data and acceptance rates

Want to make your procurement process faster than ever?

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