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Ditch old-school procurement. Upgrade to RFP Automation.
Your guide to eliminating the mini-bid grind.
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Empower your team to focus on strategic priorities

Leverage Shipwell’s expert managed services team to drive continuous supply chain improvement and reduce your operating expenses.

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Optimized planning
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Optimized transportation planning and coordination

Ensure each of your shipments are expertly planned, managed and tracked throughout their lifecycle.

  • Rest easy knowing that all optimally routed, rated and tendered to high quality carriers
  • Expand capacity beyond your own carriers by tapping into Shipwell’s expansive network
  • Guarantee compliance for all shipments based on your company’s rules and regulations
End-to-end visibility
Shipment tracking

Shipment tracking and visibility

Count on real-time shipment tracking and proactive exception management to provide your customers with the best possible experience.

  • Provide advanced visibility to your customers through real-time tracking of en route shipments
  • Depend on our team and technology to constantly monitor shipments to proactively identify and address issues
  • Expect rapid investigation, communication and resolution in the event of untimely and misdelivered shipments

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Managed freight financials
Financial Services

Freight pay, audit and settlement services

Leverage a dedicated financial management and auditing team to ensure financial consistency for every shipment and line item.

  • Ensure invoices and shipment documentation is reviewed against the expected amount
  • Rely on confirmation of carrier payment being on-time and in the correct amount
  • Experience reduction of operational time and resources needed in the remittance process
Actionable analytics
Performance Graphics

Industry-leading performance reporting and analytics

Centralize your supply chain management to enable a wide range of actionable and shareable reports.

  • Identify your best performing carriers through on-time and tender acceptance rates
  • Receive reporting of routing guide compliance and utilization for all of your shipments 
  • Take advantage of holistic transportation spend analysis and identification of cost reduction opportunities

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