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Welcome to the evolution of your supply chain

The stress of managing a supply chain has never been greater, but despite the challenges, keeping shipments running on time and on budget remains the top priority for both businesses and their customers. Shipwell helps to unlock the full potential of your supply chain through advanced visibility, automation capabilities and a premium capacity network, allowing you to scale your business while focusing on what matters most.

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Gain full visibility into your supply chain

Get visibility that goes beyond the industry standard, and see what you’ve been missing. Shipwell combines real-time data with over-the-map technology, clear communication and more for one of the most robust shipment visibility solutions on the market.

  • Tracking from the largest ELD providers in the industry
  • At-a-glance visibility into estimated arrival times, traffic, weather and more
  • AI and machine learning technology to provide real-time price predictions

Access the capacity you need in an instant

Getting shipments out on time and delivered on budget has never been more of a challenge. To keep your supply chain moving forward, ensure you can uncover reliable capacity through Shipwell’s network of over 2 million ELD-connected units.

  • Access over 2 million reliable ELD-connected units
  • Integrated RMIS, Saferwatch and FMCSA checks
  • Data-driven routing guides that automatically plan and assign loads

What it takes to deliver

Shipwell customers get 98% on-time pickup and delivery rates and operating cost reductions of up to 30%. Built on Rest API, Shipwell integrates seamlessly with other systems to meet growing demand. It’s the only shipping platform you’ll need.

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Reduce tedious tasks through automation

It’s time to ditch tedious tasks and get back to what matters most — running your supply chain. Shipwell provides freight teams with the ability to leverage automation to keep tasks from bogging them down, providing time savings of up to 88%.

  • Automate communications to keep customers up to date in real-time
  • Instantly know when a pickup or a delivery is late or a shipment is running behind
  • Prioritize financial goals while considering a variety of market conditions on the fly
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Achieve supply chain efficiency at scale

No matter your size, stage or industry, every business relies on quick and reliable shipments. Shipwell provides exactly what you need to stay on track today, and the capabilities to scale for whatever tomorrow might bring.

  • Easily integrated cloud-based platform
  • Infinitely expandable to grow with your business
  • Get up and running in as little as weeks, not months
  • “Shipwell is eons ahead of our last solution, which required me to do all updates manually. Shipwell provides everything we need, plus things we didn’t even know we needed. “

    Jennifer Haller
    Logistics Manager
    Paris Foods
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