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SaaS onboarding: A peek inside our process

SaaS onboarding: A peek inside our process

Every freight company, be it shipper, 3PL, or carrier, should use a transportation management system to optimize their supply chain.

However, some of the TMS options out there are difficult to use. They can take a lot of time to onboard and don’t offer enough customer support.

We’re here to shake things up and be an extension of your supply chain. Not only do we provide cloud-based, automated solutions to freight problems, but we guide customers through the process every step of the way.

We have people dedicated to seeing you succeed

Shipwell has Customer Success Managers on our team to provide each customer with continued support as the platform and industry evolves and gets increasingly more complicated.

These managers are committed to understanding and serving Shipwell customers’ varying needs. As the point of contact for all customers, they are focused on driving adoption, comprehension, and utilization of Shipwell products.

Our customers are dealing with challenging tasks in an industry that can be frustrating to even the most seasoned professionals.  That’s why we want them to understand that we’re along for the ride with them. We know change is hard, so we do our best to make sure that their first mile using Shipwell solutions is a breeze.

Ben Altman, Shipwell Sales Engineer

Shipwell will guide users through the initial setup and then show them how to customize their experience with white-labeled branding, rates, and analytics.

Then, we will take you through an introduction of our platform and cater training to how it best fits your company’s unique needs. After that, we will help you create dashboard filters and get you on your way to moving freight.

To ensure your success, our CSMs provide a variety of training resources based on the challenges you want to solve.

Choose the plan you want

Shipwell has three plans to cater to varying levels of business and benefits in the freight industry.

Our basic plan gives you access to online training, 24/7 support, and up to 50 freight shipments per month.

The premium plan provides branded shipment tracking, standard analytics, and up to 300 freight shipments per month.

Lastly, our enterprise plan gives users everything from the premium plan plus on-site training with unlimited freight shipments.

For companies who need full coverage of their freight and want unmatched customer service, pick the best plan for you!

We have a Knowledge Base for all of your questions

Shipwell wants to provide as many resources as customers need when onboarding with us. Because there are so many features to our platform, we created an entire Knowledge Base that shows users everything from customizing your Shipwell dashboard to explaining what “line items” are.

Because the Shipwell platform allows an organization to add users at varying admin levels, we distribute articles and how-to’s for all levels of freight knowledge.

One of our core behaviors at Shipwell is to “be a shipping hero”. This means we build a deep knowledge of both features and functionality within Shipwell products, and how to implement them in organizations.

We take the time to ensure they have everything they need to automate their supply chain through the Shipwell platform from day one.  Then throughout the remainder of their time as a Shipwell customer, we’re always there to deliver the results they need.

Ben Altman, Shipwell Sales Engineer

As you see, we strive to make it easy to onboard your company with Shipwell. We feel that we don’t succeed if the customer doesn’t succeed. We aim to be a value-added service to your company so you can move more freight and spend less time on logistics.

From giving you 24/7 customer support and success management to delivering a world-class platform, Shipwell is here to get your freight moving.