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A brand-new feature in Shipwell that will save you hours in freight booking

A brand-new feature in Shipwell that will save you hours in freight booking

Shipwell is very excited to share a brand-new feature in our cloud SaaS TMS platform.

We have now released a personalized, private load board available in the platform for shippers, 3PLs, and carriers.

Shippers and 3PLs

Shippers and 3PLs that use the Shipwell platform can now create a custom load board for the freight they have.

Additionally, once shippers and 3PLs have populated their load boards, they can then make them available to carriers who can bid on loads or instantly book shipments.

Instantly booking shipments is done with the ‘book now’ feature, where shippers and 3PLs can set ready-to-book prices for carriers. They simply click the ‘book now’ button and the shipment process begins.

Sign up now and get access to your new load boards.

Shippers and 3PLs can get their loads in front of carriers much faster to speed up the booking process. Our goal was to simplify the load building process and automate shipper and 3PL workflows. That way, you can go from building a load to booking it to managing the documents and tracking all within one centralized platform.

See carrier scores based on a number of factors to determine if they are a good match for each load. Some of these factors include frequency in which the carrier has worked with Shipwell and ELD location information. If you don’t have preferred carriers, you can give access to the vetted carriers in Shipwell’s network.


Carriers who are in the Shipwell network can receive access to several custom load boards based on shipper or 3PL preferences.

Now, shipments can get covered faster than ever by providing detailed load information in Shipwell for carriers to bid on or instantly book all within the platform.

Carriers will see the best matching loads for them based on Shipwell’s proprietary matching algorithm. When we peek into how it works, there are nearly 1,000 data points we consider when building a score. Through ELD connections, carriers seamlessly provide data like dwell time at facilities, historical lane preferences, and where the carrier is headquartered. Plus, data on equipment types helps carriers isolate which loads are possible with the current equipment availability.

The load prioritization algorithm produces a ‘match score’ for each load. This score represents how good the fit is between a load and the carrier, as well as objectively how desirable the load is.

Then, this ‘match score’ can be used to easily discover which loads are a good fit for the carrier.

Not only do carriers get an inside look at attractive freight, but they see matching loads that would benefit them most.

Adding load boards directly into the platform is just one more way that Shipwell is automating the freight industry. There are a lot of load boards to choose from, but with Shipwell, we’re giving access to the best network of carriers without the enterprise software price tag.

We’re helping save hours spent on the phone calling carriers by automating the booking process. We’re empowering fleets to find the best matching loads for their business and build strong relationships with shippers and 3PLs.

Sign up now and get access to our brand new Load Board feature!