Try the Shipwell Load Board and book FTL freight easier than ever

Book FTL freight directly in your private Shipwell Load Board and start automating your supply chain.

Are you a shipper or 3PL?

Use the Shipwell Load Board to post your FTL freight and get quotes from tech-enabled, best-in-class carriers fast.

Send quotes in a centralized platform to streamline communication to carriers 

Open your quote requests to specific carriers or the entire Shipwell network

View bids, message carriers, and book right from the platform

Get carrier recommendations based on location, equipment needed, and HOS availability

The Shipwell private Load Board is available in the Shipwell Connected Freight TMS Platform. Get a demo today!

Carriers: Start delivering success

Are you a carrier and want to book freight faster, at the best rates, and delight the shippers and 3PLs you haul for – earning more business over time? 

Get access to the Shipwell private Load Board for shippers and 3PLs for free.

With access to private Load Boards, carriers can reduce deadheads, save time booking loads, and build stronger relationships with customers instantly.


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