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Shipwell mobile app: Tracking made even easier

Shipwell mobile app: Tracking made even easier

The engineering team has completely redesigned the carrier mobile app for both iOS and Android.

Now, the app is more intuitive and user-friendly than ever for carriers to submit and access shipment information.

The Shipwell mobile app offers an improved freight tracking experience for both carriers and shippers/3PLs. Carriers can automatically provide better shipment visibility to customers with geofencing.

Geofencing for more accurate updates

When carriers get within 1,000 meters of their pick up or delivery zones, Shipwell will activate a status change for the shipment.

geofencing mobile app shipwell

So, when a carrier leaves a pickup, shippers and 3PLs will be notified that the load is in transit. Once it approaches the delivery terminal, the app will update and show that the carrier is delivering the load.

Geofencing technology automates the process of tracking load statuses and provides even more visibility to shippers and 3PLs. The geofence will provide a timestamp based on location for in and out times. Carriers can also confirm that the time stamps are correct, thus improving detention tracking and speeding up the compensation process with accurate information.

But we want to go beyond the geofencing and still send push notifications for when the driver is on the way to the pickup and when the driver has completed a stop.

Now, drivers have another way to communicate effectively with other parties in the shipment.

Add value to your loads

The mobile app also includes a view to see current, upcoming, and previous shipments in a driver’s schedule for better scheduling and organization.

iphone mobile app shipwell

Like always, Shipwell is a value-added service to carriers that requires no effort from the driver. Our tracking system runs in the background of a driver’s phone when the mobile app is on.

Drivers can manage BOLs and PODs directly within the app as well, taking the stress out of handling paper documents, then finding a way to print, scan, and fax those documents to shippers or 3PLs.

We made a simple “how-to” on using the new Shipwell carrier mobile app for anyone that needs it here.

The carrier mobile app is available in Google Play for Android and the App Store for iOS devices.