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Ditch old-school procurement. Upgrade to RFP Automation.
Your guide to eliminating the mini-bid grind.
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Pointing you to what matters

Managing a supply chain is difficult enough when everything is going smoothly, but when issues arise that need your quick attention, the complexity can be exponential. Shipwell’s Compass Dashboard simplifies the process by continuously monitoring orders and shipments, proactively identifying potential issues, and providing a method for correcting them — all on one screen.

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Single-screen simplicity

Proactive issue identification

AI continuously monitors and analyzes all shipments in real time and instantly notifies of potential issues — all from one screen.

  • Receive notifications when no carrier is assigned, status is inactive, tracking is not enabled, shipment is approaching or in detention and carrier insurance is expiring
  • Instantly know when pickup or delivery is late or a shipment is running behind
  • View a progress bar that highlights where the shipment is in its lifecycle
  • Receive regular updates to add additional monitoring and alert capabilities
Rapid resolutions
platform actions

In-platform actions

Address issues directly through instantaneous solutions, without navigating to separate tabs or platforms.

  • Request bids or push to your routing guide
  • Contact with automated call or email to request carrier install the app or activate their tracking
  • Notify customer of late pickup or delivery
Increased focus

Personalized filters and tags

Monitor and address issues that arise only in your area of responsibility with filters and tags.

  • Customize your filters for your needs
  • Rapidly view how many shipments have a specific status
  • Focus on shipments with the same status to take quick action

Keeping your supply chain on track: How AI is streamlining exception management

Discover how new AI-powered tools like Shipwell’s Compass Dashboard have helped to solve complex supply chain issues.

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