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Shipping success: Why smart 3PLs are turning to private load boards

Shipping success: Why smart 3PLs are turning to private load boards

Using the Shipwell Load Board helps 3PLs save time and book more loads at a faster rate. This game-changing tool is built into the platform you are already using to manage shipments and organize documents. Shipwell is intuitive enough that you can learn the posting process in minutes.

Transform your 3PL by taking the legwork out of quoting and position your team to focus on how to grow the business.

The Load Board is perfect for 3PLs who rely on public load boards to showcase their freight to potential carriers. Now, they can curate a selective list of preferred carriers to ensure the highest quality service.

Get your loads in front of carriers fast

Cut your workday in half booking shipments by utilizing your private Load Board.

Now, 3PLs can inbound shipments and push them immediately to Shipwell’s Load Board with ease.

With Shipwell, 3PLs give value back to their customers by booking freight faster and at the best rates.

Know what your upcoming shipments are going to be? Knock out your monthly shipments quickly by loading all of them into the Load Board.

Controlled access and carrier recommendations

3PLs get the added benefit to provide Load Board access to only preferred carriers. All carriers in the Shipewll network are compliant, vetted, and tech-enabled, and 3PLs can control access to their boards to as few or as many carriers as needed.

If your 3PL company doesn’t work with consistent carriers, you can use Shipwell’s trusted carrier network and send out loads to a mass of professional carriers.

Eliminate constant emailing with carriers by using an automated process to get multiple customer’s shipments in front of carriers faster.

As a bonus, Shipwell monitors over 700 data points in our proprietary load-matching algorithm so shipments can be paired with the perfect carrier.

Receiving competitive bids or instant booking rates

Some carriers would rather book the loads themselves. By giving those carriers easier tools to work with you, you can improve your relationships with them. Happy carriers make happy customers.

Unlike posting shipments onto a public load board, Shipwell’s Load Board is private and is only populated with your freight. The carriers that you give access to can bid on the loads that they want, giving you the best options for a reasonable rate. 

Another way they can book the loads is by choosing the “Book Now” price you can set on each load. This way, carriers can automate their workflows and quickly find and book the freight they want without hassle.

The Load Board is just one of many features in the Shipwell TMS that makes supply chain management delightful and seamless.

Want to automate your supply chain? Sign up today and we will show you how you can put hours back into your day while saving money with Shipwell.