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Truck or treat: Unwrapping delightful candy shipping this season

Truck or treat: Unwrapping delightful candy shipping this season

The holidays are just around the corner and candy makers are churning out more delicious sweets to meet market demands.

Americans purchase nearly 600 million pounds of candy per year for Halloween. The average candy shopper eats about 25 pounds of candy per year and consumes 3.4 pounds on Halloween alone.

Supply chain professionals in the sugar business have the herculean task of making sure enough candy reaches shelves in time for consumers to stock up on enough Tootsie Rolls to satisfy the suburbs.

The National Retail Federation (NRF) says that Halloween spending will exceed $9 billion.

Shipwell users are shipping all kinds of products around the country, especially within the food industry. Naturally, we invest in the processes of empowering shippers, 3PLs, and carriers with tech to get in-demand products into the hands of the customer seamlessly.

Read on for our tips for a seamless candy shipping season this year.

Getting the ingredients

Whether it is chocolate, vanilla, milk, or any of the high fructose related things our doctor tells us to have in moderation, ingredients come into each candy manufacturer ready to be crafted into the final product.

Packaging is another piece of the food and candy puzzle to solve.

Shipwell is seasoned in managing the inbound freight of food producers. With a centralized platform that connects all vendors throughout the supply chain, shippers can better manage the entire process of getting delectable treats in the hands of the customer.

Transporting the goods

Unfortunately, shipping season for the fall holidays lines up with hurricane season in the U.S.

Bad weather can drastically delay shipments and send a ripple effect throughout the rest of the supply chain. 

Temperature-controlled transportation is critical for candy shipments. Ensure your carrier network includes refrigerated freight shipping to deliver delight instead of a melted mess.

High in quality, high in sugar

Ultimately, the goal for candy shippers is to provide the same quality product that consumers love while keeping costs low.

Fortunately, Shipwell users receive the best rates on their freight with competitive Load Board quoting, automated LTL freight booking, and smart carrier recommendations.

Customers are not only saving money by securing competitive rates for freight, they are also saving precious hours out of their team’s day. This means less manual phone calls and emails, and a centralized platform to get everything done.

Real-time tracking, visibility into critical metrics, and automation across the entire shipment lifecycle help shippers handle the most important elements of the supply chain.

No matter the product, Shipwell has you covered. From candy shipping to commodities, our award-winning technology has helped hundreds of companies identify weaknesses in their supply chain and boost operations.

Get ahead of the holiday season now, and see how Shipwell can make this fall and winter your most successful yet.