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Freight management: How 3PLs are leveraging visibility for customers

Freight management: How 3PLs are leveraging visibility for customers

Shippers use 3PLs to add value to their business by outsourcing the logistics to tenured professionals. Supply chain pros know that every day holds something new that makes businesses constantly adjust their strategies. As a business, you have to keep up with the growth of the industry.

However, it can be hard to know exactly what it is you need to improve in each supply chain. The goal of transparency in supply chains is to evaporate all the vagueness of transportation so 3PLs can see where inefficiencies lie in their workflows.

For the 3PLs who need the best tools to get the most out of their freight days each month, Shipwell is the answer. Not only for full truckload, but for LTL, drayage, and final mile modes as well.

Speed up decision-making

Real-time visibility allows for fast decisions that can propel shippers to hit markets sooner than previously expected. This sort of flexibility allows shippers to adjust decisions on the fly for any operational or weather-related hiccup.

But it’s not just your regular full truckload (FTL) shipments that get the real-time tracking benefits. Logistics professionals can now access visibility into all modes, like LTL, drayage, and final mile.

Visibility into these modes provides customers with the added security of knowing where their freight is at all times. That itself is a massive value that your third-party logistics company can provide to each customer.

Once containers have made their journey across the ocean, there is relief in being able to see a shipment has made it out of port and onto its final destination.

For final mile, 3PLs can offer the current industry standard of showing status updates of a package on its way to an end customer’s front door.

shipwell visibility

Leveraging technology to increase value

Businesses across the world look to make their supply chain a key differentiator in becoming a successful business.

Shippers require more in-depth analysis at a faster rate to be able to make decisions that will leap over other companies who aren’t utilizing data to their advantage.

Third-party logistics pros know that in the supply chain, independent parts must work together to make the big picture operate well. Shipwell is the tool of choice for many high volume shippers who need a place to deposit shipment documents, track products, and build orders and shipments.

Connectivity across integrations

Any 3PL professional will tell you that communication is paramount to running an effective operation.

The sooner shippers can get information about their shipments, the more inclined they are to trust that 3PL and maintain their working relationship.

One of the best ways to assist shippers as a 3PL is to offer plenty of ways to exchange information. Businesses who use EDI might feel left in the dust when it comes to exchanging data with shipment partners.

Shipwell gives EDI users seamless integrations to continue using their systems while gaining a wealth of features from our platform.

Visibility in every mode

The 3PLs who play shipping heroes to drayage freight benefit from visibility just the same. Restore the transparency to international shipments with tracking from port to customer using Shipwell’s drayage carriers.

Known as one of the most opaque parts of the supply chain, drayage has the most to gain from real-time tracking. Luckily, Shipwell is connecting more and more trucks every day and 3PLs can benefit from our growing connected-carrier network.

Looking to up your 3PL’s value to shippers? Choose Shipwell for your connected supply chain platform and spend less time managing shipments and more time delivering value for your customers.