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The Shipper Mobile app: Manage your supply chain from anywhere

The Shipper Mobile app: Manage your supply chain from anywhere

The way we work has changed a lot over the past few years, and it’s starting to become clear that many of those changes are here to stay — including for those managing the nation’s supply chains. Even now with offices reopening, data analytics from a recent survey conducted of Shipwell’s shipper customers indicated that upwards of 75% of the shipper workforce continue to work remotely for a considerable part of their days. With the pandemic having rapidly accelerated the move to remote work, the importance of mobile solutions has never been higher. In order to help support your remote team to continue to seamlessly book shipments and manage your supply chain during some of the busiest times of the year — like the fast approaching peak season — Shipwell has launched its new “all in one” Shipper Mobile app.

The app, a first of its kind technology, enables remote shippers to be on top of their supply chains 24/7, no matter where they are in the world. The booking and visibility services rendered by the app help to keep these teams (carriers, shippers, warehouse technicians and customers) connected and efficient at all times.

How does it work?

Throughout the year, and especially during the peak season when capacity is constrained, speed to action is critical and also challenging for your remote shipper team to undertake. The Shipper Mobile app is designed to allow these team members to communicate with their shipment partners through SMS notifications, emails or phone calls. Shipment status updates like ‘At Pick Up’, ‘In Transit’, ‘At Delivery’, ‘Delivered’, etc. can help shippers stay updated with their shipment status. 

Along with increased connection and communication efficiency, Shipwell’s solution saves time, reduces cost and optimizes the shipping experience throughout the entire supply chain. Leveraging machine learning for accurate ETA predictions that factor in upcoming weather and traffic the shipment will encounter, it delivers insights that streamline processes from first to final mile.

These same machine learning capabilities also enable faster and more proactive exception management by automatically recognizing and surfacing potential issues and providing instantly actionable resolutions through Compass Dashboard and the visibility and tracking tool. These areas house all shipments within multiple alert tiles that are sorted in statuses such as ‘Late Pickup or Delivery’, ‘Critical Shipment’, ‘Not being Tracked’ and many other related categories. The users can proactively resolve exceptions by choosing relevant corrective actions corresponding to each alert category, all from one screen. 

Mobile alerts — such as those received when a driver experiences a shipment conflict or a shipment gets canceled — help shippers to proactively manage exceptions while mitigating the effects of the disruption.

Shipper Mobile also now allows shippers and businesses to book FTL shipments directly from within the app. From anywhere, a shipper can book a new shipment, clone an existing shipment or use a template to instantly handle the busy peak shipping season’s inevitable on demand and ad hoc shipment requests. The build a shipment flow includes the ability to send these loads to bid and tender quickly and easily so you never miss a beat.

The Shipper Mobile app is available to download at Google Play and the App Store for Android and iOS devices respectively.

Shipper Mobile app walkthrough

Shipwell’s view of the market focuses on transformational technologies and approaches to meeting the future needs of end-users. Mobile application development in 2022 is going to be much bigger and faster due to the emergence of cutting-edge technologies like the 5G and the need to provide resources for the workforce working remotely. This may boost the demand for native mobile apps among consumers. It’s yet to be seen if other SaaS providers follow suit and replicate Shipwell’s transformational approaches to meet the future needs of end-users.

To learn more about the ways that Shipwell platform is providing shippers with the tools and services they need to keep their supply chains on track, request a demo today.