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Supply chain visibility that sees further

Get visibility that goes beyond the industry standard, and see what you’ve been missing. Shipwell combines real-time data from top ELD providers, mobile apps, APIs and your internal systems with over-the-map technology, clear communication, proactive exception management, advanced ETA capabilities and real-time reports for one of the most robust shipment visibility solutions on the market.

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See what you’ve been missing

Take visibility further and keep on top of constantly evolving shipment issues with some of the most advanced capabilities in the industry.

  • Receive real-time alerts on conflicts and shipment errors and resolve them instantly from desktop and mobile
  • Eliminate blind spots with visibility into 96% of driving distance through ELD integrations and the Shipwell mobile app
  • Track and trace shipments on over 2 million ELD-connected units and 850,000 drivers accessible through the platform
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Adapt instantly in real-time

Constant background monitoring and advanced features allow you to keep shipments on track and customers informed.

  • View detailed traffic and weather overlay data along the route of a shipment to adjust routes and timelines proactively
  • Gain at-a-glance visibility into estimated arrival times for enroute shipments to immediately know which shipments are on-time, at risk of missing their scheduled delivery time, or running late
  • Share real-time shipping data with customers as well as your OMS, ERP, WMS and CRMs

What it takes to deliver

Shipwell customers get 98% on-time pickup and delivery rates and operating cost reductions of up to 30%. Built on Rest API, Shipwell integrates seamlessly with other systems to meet growing demand. It’s the only shipping platform you’ll need.


Evolve your supply chain

Shipwell’s data-enabled TMS solution provides both you and your customers with the information you need to take your shipments to the next level.

  • View detailed reports on over 250 touch points including monthly spend, carrier cost, cost per mile and more to develop a more competitive and timely strategy
  • Leverage AI and machine learning technology to provide real-time price predictions
  • Enhance communication and data sharing with a centralized repository of shipment related details and documents
  • “I used to spend the majority of my day writing emails and on the phone with vendors but now Shipwell has allowed me to focus on higher level projects. It’s been a life changer.”

    Abiel Venezuela
    Marcus Tech
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