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Brewing Up Success in a Booming Beer Market

Brewing Up Success in a Booming Beer Market

From the distant dawn of civilization to the bustling modern world, the evolution of agriculture and the industries surrounding it has often been a catalyst of change, leaving an indelible mark on the very fabric of human society. But few can claim the impact that the invention of one single beverage had on the way we live. And it’s that beverage that we celebrate today on International Beer Day!

Ancient humanity’s previously nomadic tribes would spend their time as hunters and gatherers — right up until the time they stumbled upon the fortuitous art of fermentation over 5,000 years ago. From that point on, the cultivation of the grains necessary for brewing beer not only nourished our bodies, but also laid the foundation for settled societies by transforming wandering tribes into thriving communities. All so that they could brew up more of the beverage we have continued to refine on an uninterrupted course well into the modern age. 

The evolution of beer production, from a chance discovery to a cherished cultural tradition, has left an everlasting legacy on our civilization — and it’s changed quite a bit over the past five millennia. So, join us as we raise our glasses to take a look at what’s happening today.

What’s trending in the world of beer?


Craft Beer Craze: Craft breweries are bubbling up like crazy, with over 9,500 craft breweries now operating in the United States alone. That’s more options than a taproom marathon!

A craft brewer can take advantage of the craft beer craze by experimenting with unique and innovative beer styles and flavors, catering to the diverse tastes of beer enthusiasts. By staying true to their craft and producing high-quality brews, they can stand out in a crowded market and attract loyal customers looking for a taproom experience like no other.


The Mighty Beer Economy: Did you know that the global beer market is projected to reach a staggering $996 billion by 2033? That’s enough money to buy every beer lover a lifetime supply of their favorite brew!

Brewers can tap into the growing global beer market by expanding their distribution networks and exploring international opportunities. By understanding market trends and consumer preferences in different regions, they can strategically position their brand and products to capitalize on the ever-increasing demand for beer worldwide.


The Sour Surge: If you’d asked someone what a sour beer was just a few years ago, most likely would have had no idea how to answer. But with their mouth-puckering flavors and refreshing twist, sour beers have been gaining momentum lately among those looking for alternatives to traditional beer flavorings. 

By embracing the sour beer trend, brewers can develop their own line of sour brews, appealing to adventurous beer drinkers seeking new taste experiences through varying ABVs, taste notes, and even low-calorie versions. By crafting well-balanced and flavorful sour beers, they can attract enthusiasts who are eager to pucker up and savor the tangy revolution.


Sustainable Sipping: Cheers to eco-conscious brewers! With over half of consumers happy to pay more for suds from a brewer that delivers refreshment with minimal impact on the environment, sustainable beer brands have got a high appeal these days. 

By adopting sustainable practices, brewers can appeal to environmentally-conscious consumers. From using renewable energy sources and improving the way products are transported, to implementing eco-friendly packaging and sourcing local ingredients, they can differentiate their brand and contribute to a greener world, attracting environmentally-aware customers who appreciate the conscious sipping experience.


Zero Alcohol, Maximum Flavor: Non-alcoholic beers have shed their bland reputation. Bolstered by increased demand for non-alcoholic beverage alternatives driven largely by health-conscious Gen-Z consumers, the market for non-alcoholic beer has risen by over 80% in the last decade to sit at $22 billion as of 2022

To cater to the growing demand for non-alcoholic options, brewers can expand their portfolio to include flavorful and bold non-alcoholic beers. The technology to produce non-alcoholic beer is improving rapidly as consumers continue to demand options that actually taste like the real thing. By offering options that cater to health-conscious consumers and designated drivers, they can ensure that everyone can enjoy their brews, regardless of alcohol preferences.


Beer Can Renaissance: The humble beer can is making a comeback as consumers increasingly opt for cans over bottles due to their convenience, portability, sustainability, and creative designs. Owing at least in part to the surging popularity of craft breweries that look to differentiate themselves in a saturated market, it’s proving that good things do come in small packages!

By embracing the resurgence of beer cans, brewers can design eye-catching and convenient packaging that stands out on store shelves. By leveraging the portability and environmental benefits of cans, they can attract on-the-go consumers and eco-conscious beer enthusiasts alike.


Canned Cocktails Conquer: Ready-to-drink (RTD) canned cocktails are having a moment, offering a refreshing alternative to beer. With increased popularity among Gen-Z and millennials, canned cocktails are expected to account for 53.4% of demand in the global RTD cocktail industry, which is predicted to be worth $19 billion in 2023. Because who says you can’t have a Mojito and a Pale Ale at the same party?

Brewers can explore the trend of ready-to-drink canned cocktails by experimenting with creative beer-based cocktails and innovative flavor combinations. By offering refreshing alternatives to traditional beer, they can appeal to a broader audience, including those seeking a diverse drinking experience.


Beer Dominates E-commerce: Online beer sales are soaring, with more folks opting to get their brews delivered to their doorstep. In recent years, the alcohol ecommerce market has seen remarkable growth, surging 21.6% per year on average between 2017 and 2022, with beer, cider, and ready-to-drink (RTD) products projected to register the quickest growth over the next five years. Breweries are capitalizing on this trend, investing in user-friendly platforms and seamless logistics to meet the growing appetite for craft brews online. With technology shaping the future, the beer e-commerce landscape is set to quench the thirst of beer enthusiasts worldwide, one virtual pint at a time. 

To tap into the booming online beer market, brewers can optimize their e-commerce platforms, making it easy for customers to purchase their brews online. By partnering with reliable shipping providers and ensuring quality packaging, they can deliver their beers directly to consumers’ doorsteps, enhancing accessibility and convenience.


Smart Breweries: From automated brewing systems to IoT-powered kegs, technology is revolutionizing the brewing process. Real-time monitoring and data analytics optimize brewing parameters, ensuring consistent excellence in each batch. In fact, recent data reveals that smart breweries that have access to robust data and analytics are able to increase productivity by 25%, reduce breakdowns by 70%, and lower maintenance costs by 25%. As technology continues to advance, smart breweries are at the forefront of innovation, crafting the perfect pint with precision and expertise. 

By embracing technological advancements, brewers can invest in automated brewing systems and IoT-powered kegs to improve efficiency and quality in their brewing process. By incorporating smart technology, they can streamline operations, reduce waste, and ensure consistent product excellence, keeping them at the forefront of beer-powered innovation.


Beer + Technology = Smarter Shipping: As with any food and beverage business, beer distributors grapple with transportation and logistics challenges. Many alcoholic beverages, particularly beer, are sensitive to temperature changes which affect their quality and shelf life. This means careful temperature control is required during storage, handling, and transportation. Not to mention the constantly shifting regulations around beer shipments and the complex and costly task of keeping up with compliance. However, the integration of cutting-edge technology is reshaping the way beer is shipped. 

Smart logistics solutions like route optimization software and real-time tracking can help to enhance efficiency, reducing delivery times and costs. By harnessing the power of technology, distributors gain a competitive edge, ensuring smooth and timely shipments, even amidst complex regulatory landscapes. The marriage of beer and technology is transforming the shipping process, ensuring that brews reach consumers’ hands fresh and hassle-free. For more information on how to put technology to work for you, download our free guide — Shipping for Food and Beverage Companies: A Recipe for Success

What’s next?

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