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Shipwell partners with Marex Services to expand MTS offerings

Shipwell partners with Marex Services to expand MTS offerings


Shipwell is continuing to expand its Managed Transportation Services (MTS) offerings with the addition of a new partnership with Marex Services, a leading provider of MTS for industrial, heavy equipment, and building products companies, as well as additional services such as freight forwarding, ocean, drayage, and more.

This expansion provides customers with a wide range of functions using the Shipwell TMS platform, such as shipment optimization, tendering, appointment scheduling, rate negotiation, and real-time tracking solutions. It also enables customers to access detailed performance analytics and reporting, while maintaining ownership and control over their data, carrier partners, relationships, rates, and routing guides. Designed to be flexible enough to support businesses based on their growing needs while offering scalability and portability, this new partnership between Marex Services and Shipwell delivers an efficient way for companies to provide tech-enabled business process outsourcing that meets the changing demands of the marketplace.

“Many shippers realize it is imperative to adopt advanced transportation planning, execution, and visibility technology to reduce their supply chain costs and provide better services. Shippers of all sizes can benefit from the additional expertise and headcount Marex offers to deploy and run a TMS system,” said Shipwell CEO and Cofounder, Greg Price. “With the expansion of our managed services offerings though partners such as Marex, we are offering our customers additional operational planning capabilities in an elastic outsourced services model. We are especially thrilled to partner with Marex given their specific knowledge and experience. Without commitment and risk, Marex provides those who need it a tremendous boost in industry expertise right out the gate to those who need it.”

“We are honored to collaborate with Shipwell, one of the most dynamic and intuitive TMS platforms we have encountered in the industry,” said Dom Peré, Founder and CEO of Marex Services. “Our leadership team brings over 70 years of relevant industry experience in transportation management, project logistics, trucking, maritime, and technology. We’re led by transportation industry veterans with domestic and international experience, having successfully founded, operated, and sold companies in this space.”  

Leveraging the MTS model, shippers gain access to a powerful suite of technology offerings from Shipwell that promise to profoundly shift how shipping operations are managed. From advanced analytics and guidance to transparency, control, and automation throughout the transportation lifecycle, shippers can unlock significant efficiency and cost savings. On top of this, the MTS model ensures that shippers have their own ownership over transportation events, performance metrics, carriers, and other relationships while allowing them to take with them the portability and elasticity they need to scale their operations. This kind of scalability is highly compelling for businesses looking for maximum flexibility in their supply chain management.

As such a critical part of the shipping process, we’re excited to be able to work with such an experienced partner in expanding our MTS offerings at Shipwell. We’re committed to providing the best possible service to our customers, and this partnership is another way we’re helping to set them up for supply chain success.

For more information about our Managed Transportation Services or the Shipwell platform, speak with an expert today.