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Supply chain optimization: How to ship like Amazon

Supply chain optimization: How to ship like Amazon

In over 20 years, Amazon has become one of the most notable juggernauts of the entire global economy. Not only have they evolved the retail industry into what it is today, but they have raised the bar in shipping excellence that companies with fewer distribution centers have to compete against.

Here at Shipwell, we believe that anybody can own their own business and make shipping their competitive advantage.

Take a look at how Shipwell can help you gain the advantage and keep your company on par with Amazon.

Invest in workflow automation

First and foremost, shippers can improve their shipping and receiving department by utilizing Shipwell’s managed services component. Shippers can let our freight pros handle all of the shipment logistics and look forward to a more automated workflow.

By using our award-winning platform, shippers can speed up the process of making orders, getting quotes, and connecting with one of the over 800,000 truckers in our network. Moreover, companies who use Shipwell have reported cutting their quoting time by 80% per week and saving 500% on quotes.

With two-day shipping offered to Amazon Prime members, there is no time to waste getting a shipment ready. With Shipwell, you can receive instant LTL and FTL quotes so you can stop wasting time haggling for the right price and get your freight on the road.

Our platform is always getting better, and with our newest version 2.4, we have made organizing shipment dashboards sleek and intuitive. We have also improved the filtering so users can have better workflows to check on shipment status and other information.

Because of that, our platform is simple to teach a team of logistics employees to use so any necessary personnel can view or edit shipping information in a snap.

Centralize processes

Shipwell also manages all of the documents needed for each shipment so you can keep track of BOLs, invoices, and other relevant documents all in one place.

Coming soon, shippers can create and manage orders and turn them into shipments, all within the platform. Not only do we manage documents, but the platform automatically generates documents like BOLs and PODs to optimize invoicing.

Our goal is to have shippers use fewer tools to automate their workflows and deliver their products quicker than ever.

Deliver real-time advantages

Additionally, all of the carriers in our network provide real-time visibility on where shipments are on a route. Through our native mobile app, API, ELD integrations, EDI, and automated check calls, there are several ways to provide visible tracking for better workflow automation.

Tracking visibility is essential in the time of Amazon. Providing customers a way to view shipments and status provides peace of mind and brings value to the shipper’s brand.

Shipwell lets shippers, 3PLs, and carriers all communicate in real-time by using the messenger within the platform. This way carriers can update about delays or early arrivals and shippers can instantly update the entire team.

Curious to see what other companies have to say about working with Shipwell? Check out one of our case studies from a valued shipper!

We exist to connect the freight industry and to eliminate wasted time and resources across the board.

When companies like Amazon raise the bar for shipping expectations, Shipwell is here to make companies succeed. We want to meet customers needs by providing award-winning software and unmatched customer service.